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MahaDharma: The Religion of Science-Minded & Free-Thinkers

‘MahaDharma’ is the religion of true and universal self-development and human development, based on science and reasonable spirituality. The Rel ...

Tags: Human development, MahaDharma, MahaManas, Mahavad, reasonable spirituality, Self-development

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Spiritual Enlighten

For all those who seek to elevate their spirituality and spiritiual growth

Tags: elevation-spiritualism-spirits-angels-communication

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Awareness and support for Bipolar Disorder's!

Tags: Bipolar

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This is a group for people interested in evolving towards the vibration of the new consciousness. For anyone who is interested in this ascension proce ...

Tags: energy based healing, Meditation, the new consciousness

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UFO Research Society

This group will be about learning about our brothers and sisters of The Galactic Federation of planets.

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