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The network provides a multitude of tools to find or offer help.

Our goal is

  • to connect like-minded people,
  • help people who are looking for help easily and effectively,
  • collect knowledge, and make it accessible to anyone who is interested.

Below is a brief overview of the features the network offers:


  • Clear profile with lots of options to present your services or needs
  • Various opportunities to customize your business card, including video streams to introduce yourelf, or the opportunity to upload photos to your personal picture gallery
  • Get directions (via external link)
  • For providers: The integrated referral system allows your customers to provide feedback and recommend you to other users
  • Connect with providers and seekers
  • Built-in mailbox
  • Follow your friends and see what they do using the "activity wall"
  • Post your own status messages
  • Connect, network, recommend, or exchange information in various ways
  • And much much more ......

In addition, you can:

Questions and Answers

If you are looking for help you can enter your questions here and it will immediately appear on your profile's Wall, allowing others to immediately get in touch with you.

Questions and Answers


Create new groups or join existing groups Invite others to join your groups Various opportunities to communicate within the group.

> Groups

"Wall" - Activities

Your wall allows you to stay informed about the status and activities of other (e.g., text, photo, video posts), provide information about their current activities, and allows friends to comment on your status messages by posting video or photos

seminars / workshops / events

Set up seminars, lectures, travel opportunites, and other events. We offer a wide variety to present your offerings, video, text or graphics.

A built-in comment feature allows your customers to provide feedback and recommend you to other users.

People who are interested in your services can contact you easily, either via the built-in mailbox or directly by phone.

> Events


Here is a list of all current World Angels´ activities.

> Activities


Write blogs and share your thoughts and activities with others.

> Blogs


Take part in discussions with other users.

> Forum


> Marketplace

Advertise your products, including the opportunity to post reviews and sales opportunities

Room exchange

Post or find affordable accommodation when attending seminars

> Room exchange

Newsletter / Magazine

Our daily newsletter keeps you informed on the latest cosmic and mundane topics. An overview of the Newsletter Archive can be found in the magazine.

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Anyone can add information to the encyclopedia, making sure it is always up-do-date with the latest information.

> Encyclopedia

Power Places

The Power place database can be accessed and updated by anyone, giving people access to information about power places worldwide (e.g., name, location, description, photos us.w.) quickly

> Power Places


Write about your own experiences in the holistic field or read the works and books of other authors. We provide people with a platform to communicate their knowledge to people seeking help quickly and effectively.

> Ebooks

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