Philosophy and the Good Life Download the full article 17.08.2019

But philosophical thinking isn’t just about the heavy stuff. It can be a form of play engaging our sense of wonder and imagination. I like to think of philosophical thinking as a form of deep play, which Diane Ackerman describes as an “ecstatic form of play.” In her book Deep Play, Ackerman explains how deep play “involves the sacred and holy” and how it’s “sometimes hidden in the most unlikely or humble places.”

I once experienced deep play while riding my bike on a deserted road near my home. Somehow, just tuning in to the air around me, the light in the trees, the rocks along the way, and occasional glimpses of wildlife brought me to a place of awe and mystery. My philosophical thinking that day had little to do with analytical or scientific thinking. It was more about being open to the meaning, purpose, and connectedness of everything around me.

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